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Roman urceus para Ematsa

"Ahir flor, demà torba" at Colapso Store

Portable furniture and photo set for Bastida

Radio Banzai #004 Carme Rubio

Flora García Big Lirio chrome 

Styling for Simon

Record adapter / keychain for Paloma Wool

Santiagué Knife

Packagin for The College Club

Flora García vases

Radio Banzai #003 Stefano Colli (ESP)

Carsial Numbers Facade numbers made of clay.


"Charming, daring, extremely professional.” Berta Julià

Pa i porta edition 2

Set design and styling for Enea News 2020

Radio Banzai #002 Mercè Rovira

Set design and styling for Enea News 2019

Radio Banzai #001 Guillem Celada (Episode in catalan)

Pa i Porta edition 1

Objectar el Món exhibition

“It is a privilege to collaborate with them: they are creative, ingenious and decisive and they adapt to all your needs." Oier Irigaray

Mà, màquina, matèria

Trivia. 12th century basil flowerpot from Bétera

Proyecto Rastro

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